Lobster Power

Lacoste has a crocodile, Dior Homme has a bee, Maison Kitsuné has a fox…
At Striiiipes, we all love lobsters. So we made it our little animal logo.
On this page you will find all our Lobster products.

3 Lobster Pins

Set of 3 pins
1 dark blue Breton lobster
1 white albino lobster
1 red boiled lobster
Silver plated copper pins
Hard enamel
High quality pin clutches

Lobster Shirt

The lobster shirt is the classic striped shirt, with a lobster twist.
Sky blue and white dress stripe shirt.
1 red lobster embroidered on the chest.
Vintage mother-of-Pearl Buttons.
Shipped with a pair of collar stays.
Shipped with a pair of shell cufflinks.
Limited edition.

98 Lobster Shirt

Sky blue and white dress stripe shirt – 100% cotton
98 individually embroidered red lobsters.
One piece only – M size.
Pointed collar with removable bones
Mother-of-Pearl Buttons
French cuffs

Lobster Belt

Striiiipes accessorizes your summer with the new Lobster Belt.
Unisex, colorful and fun.
Get the lobster look with this limited edition belt.
Handcrafted with care in Paris.
Clear blue and white stripes.
8 individually embroidered red lobsters.
115cm – Unisex – 100% cotton.
Shipped in its cotton lobster bag.